The Stream Lodge

The Stream Lodge is a lodge perched in trees down the Pyrenees.

Come live an unforgettable weekend in this unusual hosting of charm.

A magical night in the South West of France.

The Stream Lodge offers an unusual night near the Pyrenees Mountains!
Live a night in the Stream Lodge built right next to the undergrowth. Let yourself be rocked to the sound of water and birds. The sun rises, illuminating the terrace and offers you a sumptuous breakfast, delivered in a basket, right down your lodge. All you have to do is mount it with the help of a wooden pulley.
This 15sqm lodge is built in the spirit of African lodges. It is decorated and furnished with craft from Western Africa that we brought back from another life in Nigeria. In the evening, the terrace gets illuminated by the last rays of daylight, allowing you to enjoy the night’s freshness, the bright stars and the owl’s hoot. Having dinner on the terrace is a privileged, romantic and unforgettable moment.
The Stream Lodge is discrete, and is forgotten in the branches of the tree. You will be accessing it by an aerial gateway which ends on the nicely covered 15sqm terrace, on which it feels good relaxing to the sound of water flowing downwards… The stream coming directly from the mountains nearby is a refreshing and charming companion.
This hosting offers you an unusual and relaxing night with a welcoming and generous bed in 160cm, a bathroom with hot water, toilets and a magnificent surroundings.
The Stream Lodge is a true hotel suite located in the French countryside.
This ecologic lodge will allow you to experiment and to enjoy modern comfort while using the installations where sustainable energies are favoured (wood, solar) and the environment is respected (dry toilets and phytosanitary purge)
Comfortable lodge… Take your shower in the treehouse!
The Stream Lodge it’s a moment out of your routine, an escape in another atmosphere…


• Phytosanitary purge
• Dry toilets
• Hot water supplied with wood
• Lighting supplied with solar panels
• Heating and insulation
• Top quality beds in 160 cm

Price lists and availability

• 170€ per night for 2 people (from June 1st to September 30th)
• 135€ per night for 2 people (from October 1st to May 31st)
• Breakfast included
• 10% discount for the second night