Our treehouses have been designed for your pleasure.

They are unusual accommodation that need a few small recommendations and information.
Our forest being only enlightened by the moon and the bright stare of the little owl at night, arrivals are in the ideal between 3pm and 7pm (in summer), 3pm and 5pm (in winter)
We also ask you to inform us of the time of your arrival, so we can welcome you in the bests of conditions. Departures take place no later than 11am the next morning.
Sorry for our friends, your pets, but we cannot welcome them in order to avoid any issue with our own animals living on the property. Our donkeys of the Pyrenees, Arthur and Shogaï, are a bit jalous…
During rainy days, boots, sport shoes or hiking shoes, are recommended to access the lodges.
Your stay will be situated on a private domain. It is absolutely forbidden to camp or to make a fire outside the ordinary course of use of your accommodation. You will however be able to light matches to produce your hot water and prepare you Norwegian spa.
Here, it is not possible to access the lodges by car. It is a choice that imposes us more work and to gambol a lot through woods and meadows but which also correspond our principles and the quality we wished to give this project. It is on foot that we access the lodge, and by a pretty 5 minutes maximum walk, that will allow you to discover the place a bit more.
Your car will so stay in a car park as long as you wish, allowing you to enjoy your stay and forget your motorised vehicle for a few hours.
To get to our place, nothing simpler than typing “Claberot – 64290 Gan” on your GPS and you will arrive on the property without incident.
Children even very young are welcome in our familial treehouse, the Haut Claberot Lodge. Indeed, the perched terrace is entirely secured so they can fully enjoy their stay without stressing their parents out…